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My cat Smokey died today. I handled it well, until I started to dig his grave. I use a shovel every day, digging holes and trenches, literally, like its my job. Something was different about digging that hole though. My intensity wouldn’t stop, digging deeper and deeper. “Alex, that should be fine” is what they said. I couldn’t let myself stop. The feeling of burying a loved one with your own hands is so unique and so powerful, it was a release. It’s strange to say but I want to dig the graves of any family members I out live. 6x8, covered in sweat and tears, nothing but me and a shovel in my calloused hands. That’s the real way to say good bye. 

Keep Calm and Carry On Origin

Very cool view of the wind across the nation


Amy Sumner: Those straw dogs were practically licking my body outside, so… 

David Sumner: I applaud their good taste.

 Amy Sumner: It’s not funny.
David Sumner: Well, maybe you should wear a bra.